For broadcast quality uncompressed video, iStarUSA offers a supreme storage solution for D2D (disk to disk) backup and near line editing. In the production industry, it is important to emphasize time is as valuable as money. With RAID architecture, iStarUSA provides over 800MB/sec data transfer rate on our products. It is ultimate choice for those applications requiring extremely high performance coupled with vast amounts of storage capacity.

Digital Content / Film

iStarUSA offers a solution of high capacity and extreme performance for today’s demanding real time video editing, motion graphics designing, and high resolution multi-track audio recording. Many projects and video streaming needed to be stored accurately, safely, and individually to find out the location of data easily. 90% of errors in the film industry are due to malfunction of hard drives and equipment. The professional line of iStarUSA products with superior performance is well suited for digital media content applications.

Medical & Healthcare

Since computer technology has been developed rapidly, many medical and healthcare institutes are transferring data like ultrasound and radiography from film and videotape to digital imaging systems in order to fast and accurately access to the data and store enormous digital records. iStarUSA offers solutions with data protection for storing huge amounts of data.

Surveillance & Security

iStarUSA offers professional desktop JBOD chassis and RAID embedded subsystems for today’s data intensive application and provides ideal solutions with RAID technology and hot-swappable redundant power supplies to maximize system up-time and ensures data is protected. It is a high capacity and low cost storage solution to meet massive digital video recording needs.