Heavy Rain Films
"iStarUSA has introduced solutions that solve not just one or two, but all of HRF and HRF1 hardware configuration needs- all from one manufacturer. iStarUSA staff has always been incredibly helpful and tentative to all of our needs. I am absolutely confident in iStar’s ability to see that we keep our artists and media pros up and running continuously with the best chassis, power, and network hardware available today, and well beyond tomorrow."

CalPOP has only recently started doing business with iStarUSA, but even in that short time we are very happy with the service and products provided by iStarUSA. CalPOP first contact iStarUSA about their server cases and the response and help we received was first class. Our contact within the company is always available to answer any of our questions and help us fix any issues that we may have. iStarUSA was also kind enough to let us test their USB hard drive docking station and it met all our expectations. CalPOP’s technical support staff uses the docking station regularly to for recovering client's data. We look forward to doing further business with iStarUSA on a regular basis.

RA Media Systems has chosen iStarUSA storage server rack mount chassis V-3 with really exceptional results. Because of the business logic that iStarUSA has, and the excellent idea to have a layered business that starts from the care of the customer up to complex customization which leads RA Media Systems to choose iStarUSA. We gained a state of the art server for our company, it is the best chassis-power solution tried until now. It literally destroyed in terms of price and quality all other vendors. The reputation of iStarUSA is simply superb, iStarUSA got a light speed reply time in support, a product line with almost all architectural patterns available today and an ultra complete website source for all information needed. Being asked for any improvements on iStarUSA products or services, I would have to test more products, until now I can say DON’T CHANGE ANYTHING!

Equus Computer Systems has known iStarUSA for 5 years focusing mainly on the use of products such as 2U, 3U, 4U Power Supplies and Mobile Drive Bays. With an excellent reputation that iStarUSA has to provide with good channel management, great quality of customized products and engineering services, also with the expectation of quick and accurate design experience.

Kontron America has known iStarUSA for 2 years with the purchase of T-7-PA- IDE Removable Hard Drive Rack. Kontron decided to choose iStarUSA based on its accountability, dependable services, and the customer service. iStarUSA has an excellent reputation, with their willingness to go above and beyond to fulfill our requirements. Kontron is expecting to continue the outstanding customer service and communication and would like to recommend to others about istar willingness to assist correcting any issues that might arise in a timely manner- Excellent customer service and communication are the keys!